About Us

Biodam is established in 2006 as an organization need of organic production, processing and trade of products of the organic nature. Following the rigorous standards of quality, our company can provide the maximum safety conditions for: organic production, processing and trade of organic products. Our company has implemented the GMP, HACCP system (details in the "Certificates" page).

SC Biodam SRL is a Romanian company with private capital, active in the production, processing and trade of ecological grain, oils and srot/cakes/expellers.

SC Biodam SRL is located in the village Baia, Tulcea district, Republic Street, number 3bis, phone / fax: (0040) 240 564 255.

Our products are delivered in big bags (1 ton) or in bulk, in truck / tanker or vessel in the port of Constanta-Agigea.

The company focuses mainly on trade in raw materials and derivatives of them, which belong entirely to the organic farming.

Since 2006, SC Biodam SRL has placed on the domestic and export market high quality Romanian organic products.

SC Biodam SRL produces, processes and markets a wide range of the raw and semi-processed materials certified organic as the following:

  • Grain (wheat, barley, corn, soybeans);
  • Forage plants (pea, feed wheat);
  • Oilseeds (sunflower, canola, flax);
  • Rapeseed and sunflower oils;
  • Rape and sunflower meal feed.